Cuisine: Entrees

Chicken and Apple Skewers with Balsamic Glaze

Summertime is here and we have the perfect recipe to spice up your grilling game.  We added Pink Lady® apple chunks to these chicken skewers for an unexpected caramelized sweetness.  A delicious way to include healthy fruit in your summertime meals! 

Pink Lady® Apple & Grilled Halloumi Baguette

Halloumi cheese is a dry and salty cheese that pairs perfectly with sweet and juicy Pink Lady® apples. Grilling the cheese gives the exterior a crunchy texture and makes this modern take on a grilled cheese sandwich perfect for taking along on a summer picnic.

Winter Citrus Apple Salad with Cilantro Vinaigrette

The pink fleshed Cara Cara oranges, from our partner Pro Citrus Network, give this salad a bright note while the Pink Lady® apples add a crisp sweetness. Serve this fresh winter salad along side roast pork or chicken for dinner or as a light main course for lunch.

Sweet Potato Miso Ginger Soup

In this light and earthy soup Pink Lady® apples are the perfect compliment to Idaho grown sweet potatoes from WADA Farms. Miso and ginger give it a hint of the exotic, making this velvety soup a lovely starter at your next dinner party, or a warming soup for an easy week night dinner.

Apple Wild Rice Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette

Sweet red grapes from HMC Farms in the San Joaquin Valley of California and crunchy Pink Lady® apples are a great balance to the earthiness of this wild rice salad. A delight to the taste buds, this hearty salad packs a flavor punch and can be enjoyed as a side dish, or add grilled fish or chicken to make it a main course.

Summer Kale Pink Lady® Apple Quinoa Salad

Healthy shredded greens tossed in our Pink Lady® Apple pear infused fruity avocado oil based vinaigrette. Tossed with creamy coconut shreds, crunchy hemp seeds and nutty red quinoa for an extra boost of protein. Kisses of sweetly tart Pink Lady® Apples and bartlett pears make this salad our “go to” meal this summer! Perfect for lunches for the beach, and even better the next day!

Shredded Brussel Sprouts & Pink Lady® Apple

A glorious medley of golden shredded brussel sprouts sauteed with fennel and fresh nutmeg. Caramelized onions with smoky apple bacon and sweet Pink Lady® Apple slices brings all the flavors home. Not one for brussel sprouts? These savory golden crusted sprouts browned in smoky bacon fat is sure to change anyone. Add a poached egg for a upscale treat. This one pan meal is great for the week days, tastes amazing the next day and is great for packing lunches. Serve family style for main course or pair with our Pink Lady® Sage and Butternut Apple Bisque for a hearty meal. Double recipe and freeze for weekends on the go.

Sage & Butternut Squash Apple Bisque

Warm up with this sage and butternut squash apple soup. Bring the earth to your plate with melodious herbs of sage and thyme. An harmonious contrast of sweet crisp Pink Lady® Apples and caramelized onions. Cozy up with someone you love and this creamy butternut squash apple bisque. Garnished with fresh sprigs of sage and serve with crusty artisan bread.

Pink Lady® Apple Thai Summer Rolls

Say hello to warm weather with these fresh flavorful Thai inspired summer rolls. Crunchy rainbow carrot ribbons, creamy avocado and Pink Lady® Apple cutlets. Hand rolled with fresh herbs, smoked wild salmon and kelp noodles. Dipped in our sweet honey infused almond butter sauce. Make these as your signature dish for colorful apple inspired appetizers or a beautiful summer time meal.

Grilled Pink Lady® Apple Salad & Basil Mint Pesto

The perfect Pink Lady® Apple summertime salad that is layered with fresh farmers market produce. Spicy pepper like baby arugula sprigs with mint basil nutty pesto make this salad unique. Crisp grilled tart sweet apples with bites of toasted rich pine nuts and creamy mozzarella will make this a summertime keeper. Plate this brilliant salad chilled as a side,with grilled chicken as an entree or warmed for upscale meals. Upscale enough for a dinner party or pair with our Pink Lady® Apple & Goat Cheese Pizza for a outdoor pool party.