New apple varieties red inside and out

Dan Wheat of The Capital Press talks with Bill Howell, the breeder behind the red-fleshed Lucy™ series of apples. Visit The Capital Press to view the article A PDF version can be found here

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Cosmic Crisp® Announces Brand Ambassadors

Cosmic Crisp® Apples have a group of supporters including an astronaut, a chef, a teacher, a blogger, and a produce industry spokeswoman who will help build engagement and brand awareness. Read the full article in The Packer

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MCT’s ‘Johnny Appleseed’ is an a-peel-ing production

“Johnny Appleseed” is the first MCT touring show to have a national sponsor, according to Foundations/Corporations Director Naomi Lichtenberg, and it’s a juicy one. A marketing agency promoting the Cosmic Crisp apple, a new variety engineered at Washington State...

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