Taste Profile

A cross between a Splendour and Gala, the Sunrise Magic® apple has a crisp, sweet flavor with a moderate amount of acidity.  The orange-red blush over a yellow background and conspicuous lenticels make it easily distinguishable from other cultivars.  The fruit has outstanding texture,  it is crisp and juicy, and loses very little firmness in storage or on the shelf.

The Sunrise Magic® brand apple was relaunched due to popular demand by loyal consumers.

“I think of an orchard in morning. Super fresh…..beautiful sunrise and landscape.”

Sunrise Magic® brand apples are a cross between Splendour and Gala apples. Consumers describe the flavor as light with a crisp texture.

What people are saying

“Good healthy start to the day.”

“I think SUNRISE is a good name for this apple, this taste, and this character.”

SUNRISE has such a positive sound to it.

I felt like the flavor was really light. Like a SUNRISE, delicate, just starting in.

It very much describes the look of the apple, the color…

“I think of an orchard in morning. Super fresh…beautiful SUNRISE and landscape.”

“With sunrise, thinking also of getting up in the morning and putting something healthy in your body first thing that you eat of the day.”

Happy, morning, fresh, bright.

“There’s certain crispness that is implied. In the morning you get crisp air and hopefully you are crisp in the mind.”

Bright and cheerful

When you think sunrise you don’t think super amazing you think mellow, nice.

“Nourishing start to the day.


Discover More about Sunrise Magic®


WA 2 cv. apples were bred.


WA 2 cv. apple is released to growers for testing.


Some testing agreements were converted into commercial licenses.
After October 10th is the best harvest date for Washington State in the warmer regions.
After October 20th is the best harvesting window in cooler regions of Washington State.


On March 3rd, consumer evaluations took place at the River Park Shopping Mall in Spokane, WA.  Consumers were recruited from posters put up around the mall.

On February 23rd, consumer evaluations took place at WSU Pullman, WA where consumers were asked to score different attributes for WA 2 cv. apples (Sunrise Magic® brand apples) and Gala apples.

Notably, in two separate consumer focus groups, the word “Sunrise” was chosen as the preferred brand name for the WA 2 apple variety for the exact same reasons. Consumers thought that Sunrise was a good fit because of the beautiful glowing color of the fruit, as well as the light, refreshing taste that made them think of having a nourishing start to their day.

Growing Sunrise Magic®

Sunrise Magic® is exclusive to growers in Washington State for all of North America.