SnapDragon® Profile

SnapDragon® is the vibrant offspring of Honeycrisp and another apple similar to Jonagold. Its standout characteristics are a spicy-sweet flavor and monster crunch. It has good sugar levels and a low to moderate acidity.


  • Less prone to soft scald and bitter pit than Honeycrisp.
  • Good field resistance to powdery mildew and fireblight.
  • Excellent storage and shelf life under regular air storage.
  • Early-ripening. Harvested in late September.
  • Fruit Size: Medium
  • Parentage: Honeycrisp x NY 752


The  SnapDragon® apple was developed over the course of 10 years of work at Cornell University’s tree fruit breeding program.

Spicy Flavor & Monster Crunch

SnapDragon® boasts a consistently firm texture that “snaps” when you bite into it. A juicy apple with a spicy-sweet flavor, it finishes with a slight aroma of vanilla.

International Growing and Marketing

Within the United States, SnapDragon® is exclusive to growers in the State of New York.  Internationally, PVM is managing the propagation of NY1 through its associates in the AIGN® network of tree fruit nurseries.


Growing SnapDragon®

In North America, SnapDragon® is only available to members of Crunch Time Apple Growers, through an exclusive licensing agreement with Cornell University. For more information, contact Jessica Wells, Executive Director, at 716-300-8071.

Outside of North America (with the exception of China), PVM manages the commercialization of New York 1 sold under the trademark SnapDragon®. PVM is actively seeking Master Commercial Licensees to work with the growing, packing, and selling of this new, fantastic apple brand known as SnapDragon®.

PVM has placed Master Propagation Licensees in many production areas of the world. Present Licensees are listed here:

  • Australia – The Australian Nurserymen’s Fruit Improvement Company c/o Dr. Gavin Porter Unit 3/2 Wills Street, North Lakes, QLD 4509 Australia,
  • Argentina – Los Alamos de Rosauer c/o Juan Martin Rosauer, AVDA ALEM 50, Cipoletti 8324, Argentina,
  • Chile – Viveros Requinoa c/o Juan Enrique Concha, Victoria Suber Caseaux #323, Santiago, Chile,
  • Greater Europe – Rene Nicolai Nursery c/o Florent Geerdens, Lindestraat, 22, Alken, 3570, Belgium,
  • New Zealand – New Zealand Fruit Tree Company c/o John Morton P.O. Box 446 Hastings, New Zealand,
  • Republic of South Africa – TopFuit (Pty) Limited c/o Rob Meihuzen, P.O. Box 73, Simondium, Western Cape, 7630, The Republic of South Africa,
  • Republic of Korea – KJ Orchard, c/o Kim Hee Jeung, 06163, 201ho, 9-3 Bongeunsa-ro, 82 gil Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea,