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Grilled Pink Lady® Apple Salad & Basil Mint Pesto

The perfect Pink Lady® Apple summertime salad that is layered with fresh farmers market produce. Spicy pepper like baby arugula sprigs with mint basil nutty pesto make this salad unique. Crisp grilled tart sweet apples with bites of toasted rich pine nuts and creamy mozzarella will make this a summertime keeper. Plate this brilliant salad chilled as a side,with grilled chicken as an entree or warmed for upscale meals. Upscale enough for a dinner party or pair with our Pink Lady® Apple & Goat Cheese Pizza for a outdoor pool party.

California Chicken Salad with Pink Lady® Apple

Try our chicken salad with a California twist for your summer time picnic! Golden rotisserie chicken mixed with Pink Lady® Apple chunks, just picked herbs and sun kissed dried apricots in a tangy honey mayo spread. Tossed with almond slices and topped with perfectly crispy bacon. Serve between crusty rosemary bread or on top of a mix of buttery baby lettuce. * Can be made paleo and gluten free.

Autumn Pink Lady® Apple Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies

Autumn Pink Lady® Apple Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies Chewy spiced gingerbread cookies made with nutty almond flour and warm autumn spices like cinnamon and allspice. Bites of the ginger spiced cookies perfectly compliment our handmade unforgettable buttery ice cream. Swirled candied Pink Lady® apple bites in decedent brown buttered cream churned and sandwiched between spicy gingerbread. For another fun treat, take gingerbread cookie leftovers and crumble into ice cream. Make this your families autumn seasonal treat!

Apple Tart with Vanilla Bean Creme Anglaise

An endearing dainty dessert that looks like it took hours to make – the ultimate winter quick apple tart. Crisp puff pastry with succulent clove spiced thinly sliced Pink Lady® apples baked to perfection. Topped with a pinch of sucanat sugar and served warm. Add your own twist with cinnamon sprinkles for breakfast or serve with homemade vanilla bean creme anglaise for an sinful dessert- recipe below!

Pink Lady® Apple & Goat Cheese Pizza

Something you’ve been waiting for – a fresh herb infused pizza with sweet apple
slices and tangy goat cheese. Rich nutty flavors from chopped walnuts and cool fennel
fronds right from the garden. This pizza can easily be thrown in the oven in minutes
and transforms any dinner night into an gourmet experience. Eat warm or chilled -
its even better the next day!

Pink Lady® Cinnamon Donuts with Maple Glazed Bacon

Salty, sweet and savory these rustic cinnamon donuts will make memories of Sunday mornings. Make breakfast inviting with our warm cinnamon cake donuts with crisp Pink Lady® Apple bites. Topped with a hearty and luxurious creamy maple glaze and crushed bacon pieces. Completely gluten free and dairy free, these donuts leave you with no guilt while feeling indulged. Our donuts are sure to become your weekend Sunday morning ritual. Write us or send a picture of your families Sunday morning with Pink Lady® Apple!

California Grilled Chicken Wrap

The best grilled wrap you’ll ever have – lemon pepper marinated chicken, Pink Lady® apples and summertime zucchini grilled to perfection. Wrapped with Mediterranean creamy hummus and flourished with fresh basil and spinach. Punches of flavor of bright citrus, sweet apple and smokey notes straight from the grill this California wrap is sure to turn any person into an Pink Lady® apple lover!

*Gluten Free