Apple growers who want to get involved in producing cosmic crisp apples need to get their order in as soon as possible, for 2019 and 2020.

That’s because, according to Tom Auvil of the Tree Fruit Research Commission, sales for the initial offerings next year and 2018 are pretty much gone.

But that gives orchardists some time to get ready.

“I would be looking towards the future of harvesting with machines, pruning with machines and determine whether the vertical system or angle system is going to meet their economic goals for their operation.”

Auvil also noted that growers should look to purchase fire blight resistant varieties, particularly if they have had fire blight in the past.

Once in the ground, horticulture takes over in terms of soil quality, water, and more.

Auvil said, “Cosmic is a very vigorous tree. We haven’t seen any situation that’s been difficult to get it grow. I’m more concerned about letting it crop and stop than getting it to grow.”

Auvil says it’s important to order pollinizers along with the trees and place them about every 30 feet.

Article by Kevin Rounce, Washington AG Network