Pear Varieties


Bartlett, also known as Williams, is a bell shaped pear with sweet flavor and smooth, buttery texture. Bartlett pears are used in both the processing and fresh market industries. While green at harvest, the skin color will change to yellow at the time of maturity.


Buerre D’Anjou is known as the standard for winter pears which is a late ripening pear that displays strong storage characteristic. Buerre D’Anjou pears are mildly sweet with short necks and very smooth textured skin. Unlike Bartlett, pears do not change from green to yellow at maturity.


Golden Russet Bosc is a russeted pear selection that is characterized by its elongated neck and distinct bronze color. Golden Russet Bosc is a late maturing strain of Bosc and produces the most uniform appearing Bosc in the marketplace.



Columbia Red D’Anjou is a naturally occurring sport of the Green D’Anjou, discovered in the upper Hood River Valley of Oregon.  The bell-shaped winter pear tapers to a short neck and features a dark red to crimson exterior.  The flavor profile of Red D’Anjou is sweet and aromatic with just a hint of citrus.  Internally, the creamy-white flesh is very juicy, dense, and firm. The variety requires cross-pollination from another pear. It is ready to harvest in the last month of summer. 


Kalle cv.

Red Clapp’s Kalle cv. is an early maturing red colored sport of Clapp’s Favorite. The fruit have a Bartlett style shape and are medium in size with heavy red color. Red Clapp’s harvests approximately 10 days before Bartlett and has a relatively short shelf life.


Comice is a short neck, greenish-yellow pear that can develop a red blush on sun exposed fruit. The fruit are of medium to large size and are sweet and juicy. Due to its strong flavor profile, Comice has become a favorite for fresh eating gift packs.


Gem is a medium sized selection with light green skin and red blush on sun exposed fruit. The variety was bred by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and is fire blight resistant. Gem can be consumed in the crisp stage or ripened to a soft texture and yellow skin. Gem ripens approximately 20 days after Bartlett.


HW614 cv.

Cold Snap® HW614 cv., dubbed as a winter’s favorite pear, is a large, high yielding pear selection that has high tolerance to fire blight. The variety was bred by Agri-Food Canada and ripens approximately 3 weeks after Bartlett. It is productive and very grower friendly. The fruit is buttery and very juicy at maturation and has been rated very high for flavor.


PremP099 cv. USPP application processing

A medium-sized Nashi-type pear with a mildly sweet hazelnut flavor; particularly out of storage.  PremP099 cv. harvests approximately 1 1/2 weeks after the Bartlett variety.  It is crisp and juicy with a yellow/gold ground color and russeted lenticles.  Kiro™ is a product of Prevar, Ltd.


PremP003 cv. (USPP 28,853)

A large to very large Nashi-type pear with a mildly sweet flavor. PremP003 harvests approximately 2 weeks after Bartlett.  The texture is crisp, coarse, and juicy.  It has a round shape with a green/yellow ground color.  Pearadigm™ is a product of Prevar, Ltd.


DPP1 cv.

A chance mutation of the Forelle variety, the DPP1 cv is a stunning bicolored pear with a deep maroon overcolor, oblong pyriform shape, and conspicuous lenticels. It is smaller in size, similar to the Forelle.  The flavor is sweet with a slightly coarse texture and creamy white flesh. The cultivar has a low chilling requirement and holds well in storage.


Spray Less® Options

Pear Varieties with natural resistance to Fire Blight and Scab


HW610 cv. (USPP 17,843)

AC™ Harrow Crisp HW610 cv. is a medium-sized selection that is slightly larger than Bartlett. The variety tends to develop an attractive red blush in cooler climates and the fruit is mildly sweet, smooth, and grit free. The pears remain firm even when fully ripe which provides for an extended picking window. AC™ Harrow Crisp was bred by Agri-Food Canada. The variety is a recommended pollinator for Cold Snap® and has a high tolerance to fire blight.


HW609 cv.

AC™ Harrow Sweet HW609 cv. is a late ripening selection that harvests approximately 3 ½ weeks after Bartlett. Fruit size is comparable to Bartlett and the variety is precocious and productive. Sun exposed fruit develop an attractive blush and matured pears are juicy and sweet. AC™ Harrow Sweet was bred by Agri-Food Canada and has high tolerance to fire blight. AC™ Harrow Sweet can be pollinated by Bartlett.


HW616 cv. (USPP 16,124)

AC™ Harrow Gold HW616 cv. ripens approximately 10 days before Bartlett and is a cross between Harvest Queen and Harrow Delight. The fruit is yellow with smooth skin and fine texture. AC™ Harrow Gold has a flavor that is balanced between sweetness and acidity. The variety is exceptionally juicy and the fruit is similar in size to that of Bartlett. Longer storage ability is limited with this selection. AC™ Harrow Gold was bred by Agri-Food Canada and has a high tolerance to fire blight.


PremP109 cv. (USPP 24,408)

Reddy Robin® PremP109 cv. is a very attractive, red-blushed hybrid Nashi-type pear. The selection is a cross between a Japanese and Chinese pear selection giving Reddy Robin® an enhanced flavor over many existing true Nashi pear varieties. The fruits are medium to large and do require thinning. Reddy Robin® is scab resistant and harvests between Bartlett and D’Anjou.


OHXF #87

PP 6362

OHxF 87 is a semi-dwarfing rootstock that produces a tree that is approximately 85-90% the size of standard seedling. OHxF 87 is tolerant to fireblight and pear decline and has proven to be an excellent producer being the most precocious and productive of the OHxF rootstocks. OHxF 87 is cold hardy and is suitable for colder growing climates.

OHXF #97

OHxF 97 produces a tree that is 95-100% the size of standard seedling. It is similar to a standard seedling in vigor and size control and has proven to be very productive. Like OHxF 87, OHxF 97 is tolerant to fireblight and pear decline and has excellent cold hardiness.

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