It’s well known that children just love the sweet/tart taste of the Pink Lady® Brand Apple. It’s just as well known that moms and dads also love this apple making the Pink Lady® Brand Apple a complete ‘family experience!’

So, wanting more families to take part in that out-of-this-world eating event, Pink Lady America is offering a way to have it delivered right to their door!

It’s as simple as 1… 2… 3

  1. Buy Pink Lady® Brand Apples at your favorite supermarket.
  2. Video your youngster (6 and younger) enjoying a Pink Lady® and explaining why it’s his/her favorite. Video no longer than two minutes.
  3. Upload your video to YouTube and email Pink Lady America the link to view ( Deadline of May 1st.

The kids with the most entertaining and effective way of describing why the Pink Lady® Brand Apple is their favorite, will win a gift box of those apples for him/her and the rest of the family.

Coming from the quality folks at Bountiful Fruit (Stemilt Growers), 40 boxes of Pink Lady® Brand Apples from the trees of Washington State will be available for enjoying during February and March of 2013.


Pink Lady America LLC, Yakima, Washington

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