New Zealand exporter, Te Mata Exports have been attending Asia Fruit Logistica since its inception. The main reason for exhibiting at the event is to meet their existing clients and, of course meet some new ones.

“We are well established in the main Asian and Indian & Middle Eastern markets,” explained Murray Tait from the company. “Now we want to broaden our efforts into smaller, but growing markets such as Sri Lanka, Korea, the Philippines, the Maldives, and Indonesia.”

The company’s main products are apples, avocados, cherries and citrus.

“We will be talking to our customers about some of our new apple varieties in Hong Kong. We have the Dazzle, Aztec and Cosmic Crisp, among others in our planting programme. We are moving over to these new varieties as we remove some of the older trees and less preferred varieties.

“We are also expanding our cherry production, so we are looking to extend our market reach. We are already active in Taiwan, China and Thailand, but are looking further afield at markets such as Korea, Japan and SE Asia.”

As with other New Zealand avocado growers, Murray is anticipating the entry of home grown avocados into China, “It may not be this year, we don’t have the volumes anyway,” said Murray. “We already have well established relationships with importers/partners in place, who would also take our avocados when the time comes.

Article by Nichola Watson,