Cuisine: Drinks

Watermelon & Pink Lady® Apple Coconut Fresca

Beat the heat with this summer chilled watermelon and Pink Lady® apple infused fresca! Get your glow on with hydrating coconut water blended with fresh spearmint and wild robust honey. Serve icy cold in glass mason jars!

Pink Lady® Apple Mulled Spiced Wine

Warm your insides with this mulled spice infused wine. Spicy cinnamon sticks, whole clove stems and floral crushed cardamom pods give depth to this robust beverage. Pink Lady® Apple with Valencia orange slices creates an ideal tart and sweet melody. Pretty Lady Grape® Autumn Royal and Green Emerald Grapes harmonizes perfectly. Mulled with Merlot wine, apple cider and kissed with a fruity Port wine. Aromatic autumn scents will fill your home with warmth this season. Drink heated off the stove or cold on ice. Reserve the mulled fruit for a late night treat.

Pink Lady® Apple & Mango Smoothie

My ideal hot weather refresher- this exotic blend of coconut milk, lime and mint will awake your senses. With a punch of ginger, tart Pink Lady® apple and sweet yellow mango to take you across the world. Start your morning with this take on an Indian lassi with all the nutrients your body needs to glow beautifuly. *Vegan

Iced Apple Tea