Pink Lady® brand tree plantings are picking up momentum due to success with consumers, high prices at retail, and strong returns to growers.

“For three seasons in a row we’ve seen record volume for Pink Lady in the nation’s supermarkets, which shows impressive positive movement,” says Dr. John Reeves, general manager of Pink Lady America LLC in Yakima, Washington.

“Real excitement is taking place at the orchard level when it comes to growers continuing to invest in the success of this apple. The increased plantings boosted the 2014 crop over the four million carton mark for the first time.”

“This steady increase in plantings and production translates into significant value each year to growers, shippers and retailers,” Dr. Reeves says.

According to figures provided by Brandt’s Fruit Trees LLC, in less than 20 years since 1996 when the first 4,000 Pink Lady® trees were sold, tree sales have increased steadily to almost 6.5 million trees in the ground by 2015.

“It’s also of interest to see this substantial increase when looking at growth of new plantings between individual seasons,” Dr. Reeves says.

For instance, the 2010 season saw plantings of 126,414 trees jump to 482,876 in 2012. That’s an impressive 282% increase of total trees in the ground between those two years. Projections through 2030 are indicating average plantings of over 400,000 each year.

As Pink Lady sees its consumer market significance grow, the industry will be paying close attention to how the increased production will aspire to meet consumer demand.

Another appealing factor to the increased plantings are its ‘grower friendly’ aspects that continue to add to its positive industry reputation.

“This apple has been a strong performer when it comes to returns,” Dr. Reeves says, “In talking to growers and packers, we’ve found them to be very happy when it comes to pack out percentages received from Pink Lady® Brand Apples.”

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