New York apples get their names: SnapDragon and RubyFrost

Names have been given to two new apple varieties formerly called New York 1 and New York 2. The names are SnapDragon and RubyFrost. The announcement came with promotional materials—logos for both SnapDragon and RubyFrost. Snapdragon’s logo is a stylized dragon curled...

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New York’s winter apple comes out of hibernation

"RubyFrost just hit the market January 1st and we are estimating a sell through late spring, early summer," said Rena Montedoro of Crunch Time Apple Growers. "RubyFrost is the "winterfresh" apple. It is picked at the height of freshness in the fall and stored in...

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Growers are Welcomed into the School of Cosmic Crisp®

Pruning, training, and managing the WA 38 also known as the brand name Cosmic Crisp® is a major part of how Washington State University is working to make the new variety successful. It’s been a learning experience for the experts too, who have had their share of hits...

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New apple varieties based on more than just taste

In pursuit of the next apple variety, Cosmic Crisp® proves to be harvesting demand. It’s a process and anticipation for Cosmic Crisp®  isn’t an accident. New apple varieties mean new ways to infiltrate the market and there’s a science to it. Taste isn’t the only...

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NEW WSU-BRED APPLE SHOWING DIFFERENT STARCH CLEARING PATTERNS THAN TRADITIONAL VARIETIES. Researchers are working to develop a starch scale for the new Washington State University-bred apple variety WA 38, to be marketed and sold under the brand name Cosmic Crisp®....

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Production Plans A Major Strength for Apple Varieties

Wait and see is no longer the motto for growers, instead large demand has growers working on ambitious production plans. Production is increasing and not a lot of other produce categories can say the same. The Cosmic Crisp® variety is a new apple that’s really taking...

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Cosmic Crisp® Provides Lessons on Storage and Quality

Cosmic Crisp® has far fewer storage challenges than the rest of the apple market. Compared to other varieties, Cosmic Crisp® isn’t dealing with the typical forty percent losses in storage. It’s a science and Cosmic Crisp® growers have science on their side thanks to...

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