Consumers have spoken. A new consumer survey tells the story when it comes to how they feel about the use of the Pink Lady brand name with the results to be used by Pink Lady America (PLA) to reinforce that preference with retailers.

The results of a survey of hundreds of Millennials across the United States using a diverse Survey Monkey Audience are now displayed on a new PLA infographic. The survey showed 82.6 percent of those polled would rather buy apples identified as Pink Lady® over Cripps Pink. Pink Lady® is the trademark name while Cripps Pink is one of the generic names sold under that brand.

A significant amount of consumers, 81.6 percent, believe that Pink Lady brand apples are higher quality than Cripps Pink. Also providing a strong indication of how consumers feel about Pink Lady® compared to Cripps Pink is the descriptive terms used about each. In this case, consumers use terms like “fancy, fresh, nice, tart, elegant, juicy, classy, tasty, delicate, sweet, favorite and fun,” when they think about Pink Lady®.

Cripps Pink had a lot of negative connotations with consumers like, “crippled, a gang, disease, weird sounding, crypt, never heard of, and bloods.” In fact, 17.25 percent of consumers associated Cripps Pink with a gang.

“These survey findings provide a striking picture of consumer feelings at retail,” says Dr. John Reeves, PLA general manager in Yakima, Washington.

“Here at Pink Lady America, we believe that consumers’ opinions are a key factor in determining the success of a brand, so paying attention to what consumers are thinking is our number one priority.”

“Now that we have tangible results that consumers are specifically looking for Pink Lady branded apples in grocery stores, it will be confusing to them to see Cripps Pink sold in its place,” Dr. Reeves says. Crunch Pak has now added Pink Lady branded slices to their product line in July and August, so if retailers are selling branded slices but are not selling Pink Lady branded apples on the fresh side in the produce department, are the retailers getting the most from the brand? “With Crunch Pak becoming the second major slicer to add branded Pink Lady apple slices, the new product will be in more and more retailers so there will be more opportunities for retailers to maximize the use of the Pink Lady brand,” Dr. Reeves says.

Pink Lady America will be reaching out to provide the information to retailers on this consumer survey along with follow-ups where necessary. “From the very beginning, our approach at Pink Lady America has been educational,” Dr. Reeves says. “Focus on the consumer and high quality will continue to be our priority with the Pink Lady brand.”

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