The Pink Lady® Brand Apple was not just lucky enough be a feature in the AppletizeMe program in the launch of the National Apple Month Program in October, it’s proven to be one of the stars of the show!

AppletizeMe, made available as an innovation of the U.S. Apple Association, taps into one’s ‘apple personality’ in the pairing of that fruit with, when it comes to Pink Lady®, Marzetti Cream Cheese Fruit Dip & Sprinkles!

The AppletizeMe program includes the distribution of videos to popular websites with the one featuring Pink Lady® hitting over 1.1 million views in just one week!

With Pink Lady® being touted as a ‘Girly Girl,’ the accompanying description notes: “No matter the occasion, you’re always polished with a snazzy dress and just the right amount of makeup. You’re not afraid to show off your feminine side—including a tendency to blush. But, you always keep it classy.

Pink Lady®. Naturally Sweet With A Juicy Crunch. So Fetch (and delish)”